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May 20, 2020: Editing in the Age of COVID-19

What: Editors BC monthly meeting
When: Wednesday, May 20, 2020, 7:30–9:00 pm
Where: Online through LiveWebinar
Cost: Free for Editors BC members, non-members, and students.

Join Editors BC for an online social, where we will discuss a variety of topics and issues related to editing during this unprecedented time. The meeting will be moderated and led by members of the Editors BC executive and will offer a chance for members to share their experiences and ask questions on topics such as:

  • Has your editing practice and the way you work been affected by COVID-19?  
  • Do you have children or other dependents at home? How do you manage your editing work/business while also supervising your children and their schooling?
  • What are people’s long-term plans for editing in the time of coronavirus? How do we prepare for these upheavals, both economically and emotionally?
  • Do any of the government relief programs apply to editors?
  • What are we doing for fun these days?

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