A woman's torso is in partial view so you can see her hand holding the word "executive" in capital letters.

Introducing the Editors BC 2019–2020 Executive

Editors BC held elections in May to fill positions becoming vacant on the executive.

Please join us in thanking outgoing executives Marianne Grier (moving from branch chair to past chair), Ritu Guglani (professional development), Roma Ilnyckyj (past chair), and Heather Ross (member services) for the volunteer hours they have dedicated to serving all Editors BC members.

We are also extending a warm welcome to our new executive members Lucy Kenward (member services) and Amber Riaz (professional development). These new executive members will take over from their outgoing counterparts on July 1.

We are still in need of volunteers to fill the positions of branch chair and programs co-chair. If you are interested in either of these positions, or know of someone who might be a good candidate, please contact our volunteer coordinator, Barbara Johnston, at bcvolunteers@editors.ca.

Effective July 1, your 2019–2020 Editors BC executive will consist of the following volunteers:

Chair vacant bcchair@editors.ca
Communications Jesse Marchand bccsm@editors.ca
Member services Lucy Kenward bcmemberservices@editors.ca
Past chair Marianne Grier bcpastchair@editors.ca
PD co-chairs Ellen Michelle

Amber Riaz

Programs Alexandra Bogdanovic

(vacant in 2020)

Publications Maggie Clark bcpublications@editors.ca
Secretary Lynn Sackville bcsecretary@editors.ca
Treasurer Tiffany Sloan bctreasurer@editors.ca
Volunteer coordinator Barbara Johnston bcvolunteers@editors.ca
WCE editor Maggie Clark westcoasteditor@editors.ca

Please feel free to contact the Editors BC executive members with any questions or concerns you might have regarding the association.


The Editors BC executive team

Image by Pixabay

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