Professional Development Seminar: Taxes for Freelancers

What: Editors BC professional development seminar
When: Saturday, February 19, 2022, 10:00 am–1:00 pm PT
Where: Online through Zoom
Cost: $90 for Editors Canada members ($70 early bird), $170 for non-members ($150 early bird), and $50 for student affiliates. Advance registration required. Registration closes February 16, 2022, at 11:59 pm; early-bird rates are in effect through January 19, 2022.

Registration is limited, so we encourage you to register early to avoid disappointment.

As shifts in job culture and available technologies change the reality of work, more and more Canadians are dipping into the worlds of self-employment, consulting, and freelancing. This is an amazing time for the entrepreneurial spirit.

Starting a new endeavour can be just as challenging as it is thrilling, so it’s important to understand the nuts and bolts of being in business. Taxes are a huge part of that understanding.

This seminar, presented by Sunny Widerman of Personal Tax Advisors, is an entertaining and information-packed presentation about the financial and tax aspects of running your own business.

Sunny’s specialty is in giving a friendly, approachable introduction to what you need to know to get you started as a freelancer or consultant. Hundreds of participants in dozens of Sunny’s past workshops can attest that you won’t be intimidated by the material, and you definitely won’t be bored!

In this seminar you’ll learn about GST, deductible expenses, and setting aside money for tax payments. Take the opportunity to ask all your lingering tax questions during the Q & A from an expert who has been working in taxes for two decades. 

Sunny Widerman (she/her) has been a tax preparer and advisor since 2002, with a growing clientele of freelancers, business owners, and professionals. Through her firm, Personal Tax Advisors, Sunny specializes in helping clients take control of their tax planning by explaining the tax issues that affect them. She focuses on a gentle, non-threatening approach to financial issues and clear, jargon-free language.

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