“The Apostrophe Song” (video)

In honour of National Punctuation Day, we present “The Apostrophe Song,” a song that aims to “put the apostrophe back in its place.” It’s a four-minute tuneful celebration of the greengrocer’s apostrophe—Drive-by editing set to music, if you will…

The song was created for Cool Rules, an Australian writing-skills training firm.

Words and music by Shaun McNicholas. Vocals by Gypsy Lehmann.

4 thoughts on ““The Apostrophe Song” (video)

    • Thanks for the link, Jay. Although they appear firmly in the anti-Oxford-Comma camp, Vampire Weekend should be on the EAC payroll. Good press or bad press–at least it’s press! And while we’ve always known that many people have strong opinions about the merits of the Oxford Comma, this is the first time we’ve heard an indie rock band sing about it.

      We love it: after all these years, the Oxford Comma is still able to provoke passion and disdain. Punctuation rocks!


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