DRIVE-BY EDITING: punctuation & capitalization

Cheryl Hannah noticed this sign while waiting to be seated at a Vancouver Island restaurant. She was puzzled why the copywriter chose to insert a full stop after “We will be Pleased to seat you” but omitted one after “Welcome.” She was also puzzled why the copywriter chose to capitalize “Pleased.”

Family members, accustomed to her editorial obsessions, formed a ring around her so that she could take the photo without causing a scene.

Photo by Cheryl Hannah.

NORAD tracks Santa

NORAD keeps close watch on Santa as he nears Canadian airspace.

Want to know when Santa enters Canadian airspace on Christmas Eve? So does NORAD.

In the 2012 Canadian NORAD Region holiday video, Major General Pierre St-Amand explains that “trackers in the Canadian air-defence sector … [will] closely monitor their radar systems to make sure Santa and his reindeer are not delayed on their way into your home on Christmas Eve.”

Official NORAD Santa Tracker.

When Santa and his reindeer near eastern Canada, NORAD will scramble two Canadian fighter jets to escort Santa into Canadian airspace; the fighter jets will accompany Santa across Canada as he makes his deliveries and then escort him to the border to ensure that he leaves.

Merry Christmas!

© Canadian NORAD Region.