Posture for Editors

B.C. branch meeting
February 19, 2014
7:00 p.m.

Are you achy or in pain after hours at your desk? Your posture may be playing a role. Bad posture, which causes muscles to fatigue quickly, is a repetitive cycle, but it can be broken. Training can help you maintain good posture and minimize pain.

Registered massage therapist Luca Pellanda will speak to us about resting and sleeping posture, seated posture, and standing posture, and will give us simple tips for integrating better posture, strength, and activity building into our daily lives.

Luca Pellanda, RMT, is a graduate of Utopia Academy of Massage Therapy in Vancouver and is trained in a wide range of therapeutic techniques. He focuses on identifying conditions that respond to treatment by myofascial techniques, therapeutic exercises, and life/work ergonomic changes, with the goal of improving clients’ sustainable mobility and strength.

Where: The YWCA, 535 Hornby Street, Vancouver, on the fourth floor. The YWCA is on the west side of Hornby, between Dunsmuir and Pender, one block northeast of the Burrard SkyTrain Station. Pay parking is available in the parkade across the street ($6 evening rate) or at meters on the street.

Cost: Free for EAC members; $10 for non-members; $5 for students with valid ID. Registration at the door.

Creative Commons licensed image by Mateusz Skuza

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