Volunteer Profile: Roma Ilnyckyj

Volunteer role: Past chair and event volunteer

Company name: Talk Science to Me

Website: talksciencetome.com

What is your favourite reading: fiction, non-fiction, or poetry?

What is your guilty pleasure?
Playing Candy Crush.

What is your favourite proofreading mark?
Transpose: I love drawing that fun little curve.

What is your favourite punctuation mark?

What is your dream vacation destination?
Take my baby to track his roots through Ukraine and the Philippines.

If you were presented with a book that told the story of your entire life from start to finish, what would you do with it?
Put it on a shelf without reading it.

What is your favourite place in Canada?
Jasper National Park.

What is the last book you read?
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, by David Shafer.

What is your favourite book genre?
Detective fiction.

Which band or singer provided the soundtrack to your teen years?