Volunteer Profile: Maggie Clark

Volunteer role: Publications chair, managing editor of West Coast Editor, and event volunteer

Which famous person (living or dead) do you think (or have you been told) you most resemble?
I have actually been told at least once that I resemble Emma Watson! But I’ve mostly been mistaken for the character Anne from Anne of Green Gables

What’s the most important lesson you ever learned?
I think the most important lesson I ever learned is that educating yourself is important, whether you experience it from school, books, or life lessons.

What or who makes you laugh out loud?
It’s easy to make me laugh! Friends, family, strangers, comedy movies, television shows, video games, and so on can all make me laugh at times.

What is the best book you read in the last year?
For editing purposes, the best book I read in the last year was Practical Grammar: A Canadian Writer’s Resource, by Maxine Ruvinsky. For leisure purposes, the best book I (re)read in the last year was any one of the Harry Potter books.

What is your favourite reading: fiction, non-fiction, or poetry?

What is your guilty pleasure?
My guilty pleasure is going to the bookstore to buy more books when I already have so many other books that I need to read!

What is your favourite proofreading mark?
My favourite proofreading mark has to be the caret! I love when I can find just the right word or symbol to insert in a sentence that clarifies meaning to readers.

What is your favourite punctuation mark?
My favourite punctuation mark is the Oxford comma! I like how it allows writers to avoid confusion in lists.

What is your dream vacation destination?
I think my dream vacation destination is split between revisiting Venice and exploring Japan for the first time.

If you were presented with a book that told the story of your entire life from start to finish, what would you do with it?
Like the character Dustfinger in the book Inkheart, I would try to avoid knowing how my story ended, but I would still be tempted to know about it.

What is your favourite word? Why?
My favourite word is grace, mostly because it’s the name of my feline friend, but also because I love how it sounds graceful.

Who are your favourite poets?
It’s been a while since I read a lot of poetry. But I would say that my favourite poets probably are Edgar Allan Poe, William Wordsworth, and Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

What is your favourite place in Canada?
My favourite place in Canada is Victoria, British Columbia.

What is the last book you read?
The last book I read was the fourth volume from the graphic novel series Ms. Marvel.

What are your favourite book genres?
Admittedly, I really enjoy the fantasy genre, but I’ve been broadening my horizons by reading from a variety of genres, such as science fiction and historical fiction.

Which actor would play you in a biopic of your life?
I think (and would love it if) Emma Watson would play me in a biopic of my life. She and I share similar ideas about trying to help society, so I think she would play me more accurately than other actors.

Which band or singer provided the soundtrack to your teen years?
I have listened to many bands in my teen years, but if I had to pick one to be the soundtrack for those years, I would pick the band My Chemical Romance.