Event audio: Language Detectives

It’s official. EAC-BC’s November 21, 2012, lecture on forensic discourse analysis was a hit.

It’s official. EAC-BC’s November 21, 2012, lecture on forensic discourse analysis was a hit. The speaker, Dr. Lorna Fadden, had us at “discourse analysis.”

Dr. Fadden structured her lecture around several of her cases, including a stalking case (which involved analyzing letters and emails) and a sexual-abuse case (which involved analyzing witness statements). She also presented details about a case that she had recently worked on as a witness for the prosecution, which required her to testify whether a series of text messages constituted “a suicide note or a credible threat.”

Listen to audio recording (EAC log-in identity and password required).

Next stop: Burnaby and Vancouver Island

Rumour has it that Dr. Fadden will be delivering this lecture on Vancouver Island sometime in the next few months. Watch WCE’s event listings for details. She will also be moderating a Philosophers’ Café event entitled “Is Language Changing for the Better or Worse?” in Burnaby on December 5, 2012. Learn more.


EVENT LISTINGS: December 2012

Do you have an event planned (or know of one) that you’d like to appear in these listings? Send us the details.

November 24—December 24, 2012: Vancouver Christmas Market

Looking to experience an authentic German Christmas market while you shop for traditional German Christmas decorations, toys, pottery, food and drink, jewellery, and crafts? Fancy a stroll through “romantic rows of little wooden huts decorated in pine branches and illuminated with strings of little white lights”? This market is for you!

© Vancouver Christmas Market

  • Time: 11h00–21h00 (November 24–December 23); 11h00–18h00 (December 24)
  • Cost: $5 for adults (Monday–Friday: 16h00–21h00; Saturday–Sunday: 11h00–21h00); $2 for adults (Monday–Friday: 11h00–16h00); $2 for children age 7–12; no charge for children <7 years of age
  • Location: Queen Elizabeth Theatre Plaza, 650 Hamilton Street, Vancouver
  • More information


December 5, 2012: SFU Philosophers’ Café: Is Language Changing for the Better or Worse?

The topic for this SFU Philosophers’ Café is sure to warm the hearts—and stir the blood—of all editors. It will be moderated by Dr. Lorna Fadden, the same Dr. Fadden who presented EAC-BC’s November 21, 2012, lecture on forensic linguistics.

Topics to be discussed include the following:

  • How is language changing?
  • What are some of the features that appear to be dying out?
  • What new features might be entering the language?

About the moderator: Dr. Lorna Fadden is an assistant professor of linguistics at Simon Fraser University (SFU). Over the past decade, her research has focused on discourse analysis, mostly of police interviews, and the methods and ethics of dealing with language evidence. She has consulted on numerous cases in Canada and the United States. She’s also SFU’s First Nations languages coordinator and a regular moderator for SFU’s Philosophers’ Café.


December 8, 2012: EAC-BC Christmas party

Have you signed up for EAC-BC’s Christmas party? This year’s party will be an informal evening of board games, word games, gossip, shoptalk, and, for those who are feeling a little shy, icebreakers. (Don’t forget to bring your favourite games such as Scrabble, Snatch, and Scattergories). Guests are welcome. Dress is casual.

To avoid paying the cover charge, let the doorman know that you’re with EAC.

Have an idea for a party activity? Send your suggestion to social chair Eve Rickert.

  • Time: 18h30–closing
  • Cost: individual tabs (drinks start at <$5; nothing on menu >$12)
  • Location: The Railway Club, 579 Dunsmuir Street, Vancouver
  • RSVP


December 8–9, 2012: Got Craft? (holiday edition)

Held only twice a year, Got Craft? is Vancouver’s largest indie craft fair. Its mission? “To bring together a community that fosters handmade and DIY culture.” This is a great chance to shop for one-of-a-kind presents while participating in a crafting DIY workshop or two.

Bonus: the first 50 people through the front doors each day will receive free swag bags.

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