Niche Editing: An interview with Merel Elsinga about editing cookbooks

Interview by Marta Orellana; copy edited by Lola Opatayo

Merel Elsinga

Ever been interested in exploring a particular niche?

This month, Merel Elsinga will be joining us at our monthly member meeting to talk about her experience proofreading cookbooks and how she got started.

Let’s meet Merel!

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November 21, 2018: Niche Editing—Seeing the Opportunities

What: Editors BC monthly meeting
When: Wednesday, November 21, 2018, 7:00–9:00 pm
Where: New location | Alma VanDusen Room, Central Library, 350 West Georgia Street, Vancouver | map
Cost: Free for Editors BC members, non-members, and students.

If it can be written, it can also be improved on with editing and proofreading. The abundance of written material that surrounds us—signs, labels, notices, directions, instructions, blurbs, forms—provides often-overlooked opportunities for editors. On Wednesday, November 21, join us as four editors each describe a specialized editing niche they have developed. Learn about the issues particular to niche editing, the general and specific skills required, liaising with writers, keeping the audience in mind, and how to create your own niche opportunities by uncovering demand for the work. This moderated panel aims to open your mind to previously hidden editing possibilities!

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