PubPro 2016: Event Recap and Session Summaries (Part 3)

PubPro2016_scheduleIntroduction by Iva Cheung, PubPro facilitator

The fourth annual PubPro unconference for managing editors and publication production professionals welcomed participants from across Canada and the U.S., as it was, for the first time, offered as a workshop immediately before the Editors Canada national conference. Although not as many attendees came prepared with talks, all participants came prepared to talk, many of them stepping up to lead discussions on different aspects of publication project management. PubPro volunteers Connie Behl, Ellen Michelle Koehler, and Yvonne Robertson took notes and have summarized the sessions. Continue reading

Event Audio: What Editors Need to Know about E-Books

Couldn’t attend EAC-BC’s October 17, 2012, lecture on e-books? Listen to the audio recording.

Couldn’t attend EAC-BC’s October 17, 2012, lecture on e-books? The lecture, given by Lara Smith, print and digital coordinator at D&M Publishers, was detailed and educational. She reviewed different e-book formats and the kinds of content best suited to each.

She also:

  • Discussed different conversion methods and compared in-house and conversion-service workflows.
  • Reviewed a typical conversion and explained what kind of work is required after export, particularly to accommodate various e-reading devices.
  • Reviewed the inside of an EPUB file and metadata requirements.
  • Discussed digital rights management options.
  • Discussed how deciding to produce an e-book can affect the editing process.

Listen to audio recording (EAC log-in identity and password required).