A Tribute to Nancy Flight

by Lucy Kenward

During the monthly meeting of November, Editors BC was happy to honour Nancy Flight and other long-time members, Peter Colenbrander, Ann-Marie Metten, Peter Moskos, and Ruth Wilson, for their significant contributions to the association. To start off the meeting, Lucy Kenward gave the following tribute speech to Nancy Flight.

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A Tribute to John Eerkes-Medrano

by Nancy Flight

Editors and writers across the country were saddened to learn of the death of long-time EAC member John Eerkes-Medrano, on June 15, at the age of 64. Born in Groningen, the Netherlands, he spent his early years in Edmonton and later worked in Toronto and then Victoria.

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EAC-BC Update on National Executive Council Positions

EAC’s national executive council has announced that three previously vacant positions have been filled on an interim basis.

  • Moira White, director of professional standards, has also assumed the role of interim president.
  • Anne Louise Mahoney, director of publications, has also assumed the role of interim vice-president.
  • Emily Staniland, director of volunteer relations, has also assumed the role of interim secretary.

Please contact Micheline Brodeur, branch chair, with any questions.

Hello WCE readers and subscribers,

A big thank you to all the volunteers, proofreaders, authors, publishers, instructors and readers who have made the rekindling of WCE possible. A heads up, WCE will be taking a temporary break over the summer months but will be back with great pieces, events and reviews come September.

If you have anything you wish to promote now until then, please send my way (see contact page) and I’ll do my best to share it with our audience. Otherwise, have a splendid summer and read more come fall.


WCE editor & volunteers

Technically Editing

by Amy Haagsma

Editing offers a wide variety of career avenues. And as technology makes it easier to distribute content, the demand for well-written, professionally-edited material continues to rise. Enter technical editing: a growing specialty that brings with it a diverse and rewarding career path.

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Marketing tips for editors: How to promote yourself online

by Amy Haagsma

As editors have traded red pens for tracked changes and proofreading stamps, the way we do business and promote ourselves has also gone digital. A successful online marketing strategy can help you reach prospective clients, demonstrate your expertise and differentiate yourself from your competitors. You can develop your online presence in a number of ways, including a business website, a blog, social media profiles and online directories such as EAC’s Online Directory of Editors. Regardless of the platforms you choose, it’s important to maintain a professional profile that communicates your ability to prospective clients.

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