Calling for Volunteer Editors for Word Vancouver’s Blue Pencil Sessions

What: Word Vancouver 2021 Festival

When: Saturday, September 11, 2021, 12:00–6:00 pm

Where: Online,TBA


Word Vancouver and Editors BC are presenting a live, virtual, one-on-one workshop where editors will work with authors to assess writing samples. This is an opportunity for editors to demonstrate how the editing process and the author-editor relationship work.

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Blue Pencil Series 2021: You’re Invited

You are invited to be part of Editors BC’s popular Blue Pencil series, now being held via Zoom. This change opens up the program to editors and authors outside the Lower Mainland.

Editors BC and the Vancouver Public Library (VPL) are again offering the public a series of free editing consultations. These popular events build awareness for Editors BC and are a great opportunity for editors to build their skills and connect with potential clients.

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January 18, 2017: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Blue Pencil

What: Editors BC monthly meeting
When: Wednesday, January 18, 2017, 7:00 pm (program begins at 7:30 pm)
Where: Welch Room, 4th floor, YWCA Health + Fitness Centre, 535 Hornby Street, Vancouver | map
Cost: Free for Editors Canada members, $10 for non-members, and $5 for students with valid ID. Registration at the door.

Since 2015, Editors BC has partnered with the Vancouver Public Library to offer Blue Pencil consults, in which volunteer editors meet briefly with writers to offer feedback on writing samples. A Blue Pencil session is a valuable experience for editor and writer alike, but it can also be intimidating to those unfamiliar with the process or unsure about how to approach it. A panel of experienced Blue Pencil editors will share their experience, offer tips, and help demystify this unique opportunity to engage with authors one-on-one and develop your editing skills while providing a valuable service to the local writing community.


Volunteers Needed for Blue Pencil Sessions

by Shelagh Jamieson, Communications & Social Media Chair

Volunteers needed!

For the first time, Editors BC is collaborating with the Vancouver Public Library (VPL) to offer a series of free Blue Pencil editing consultations to the public as part of VPL’s fall programming. We are very excited about this opportunity to get some mainstream exposure for Editors BC and are looking for volunteer editors to participate. It’s also a great opportunity for editors to connect with potential clients.

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