Antihustle: A One-Day Planning Retreat for Your Freelance Business with Letitia Henville

When: Friday, February 10, 2023, 9:30 am to 4:30 pm

Where: Online via Zoom

Running a solo editing business can be challenging, especially when the day-to-day overwhelms or when you’re stuck in a feast-or-famine cycle. But with a little bit of time and focus, you can find your footing, articulate your vision for your business, and determine the steps you need to take to bring it into being.

Carve out a day to review your business practices and determine your trajectory in this supported, collaborative one-day business retreat. Following the steps of the First Retreat Workbook, you will:

  • declutter your brain;
  • review and reflect on your business practices;
  • align your day-to-day business practices with your personal and political values;
  • learn how to pursue your work with intentionality and care; and
  • create a strategy for bringing your vision for your business to life.

Sign up for the retreat and dedicate some much-needed time to recalibrating your business practices with the guidance and support of your fellow professionals.

To prepare for this retreat, you’ll need:

  • The 50-page First Retreat Workbook PDF (provided with webinar sign-up) or printed copy (available for purchase for CAD$28 plus shipping); and
  • materials from your business for reference, such as invoices, lists of clients, calendars, and reports from time tracking systems.

Letitia Henville, PhD, (she/her) is a freelance academic editor at and the advice columnist behind Ask Dr. Editor. She created The First Retreat Workbook because she needed a step-by-step process to follow for her own business retreat, and developed as a resource hub for folks looking to align their business practices with their personal and political values.

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