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October 16, 2019: Rapid-Fire Marketing

What: Editors BC monthly meeting
When: Wednesday, October 16, 2019, 7:00–9:00 pm
Where: New room | Room 920, 9th floor, Central Library, 350 West Georgia Street, Vancouver | map
Cost: Free for Editors BC members, non-members, and students.

Join us at our next monthly meeting for a special presentation by Moreno Perazzolo, owner of Vancouver Media Marketing, and learn how to increase your visibility as an editor by using the Rapid-Fire Marketing method!

Moreno is an expert video content marketing consultant and a live webcasting and broadcasting organizer. He will show how the Rapid-Fire Marketing method can help editors like you increase your visibility, exposure, and influence in order to increase your opportunities to secure more projects and clients alike.

Can’t make the meeting in person? Join us on Zoom. More information to follow soon.

If you would like to attend this meeting and are not an Editors Canada member, email and ask to be added to our non-member distribution list. Please note that only those on either our member or non-member distribution list will be allowed admission to the meeting.

No editors’ pub night
There will be no organized pub gathering before this meeting.

For more information on Moreno and the Rapid-Fire Marketing method, take a look at Moreno’s introductory video on the topic.

For an example of the Rapid-Fire Marketing method, you can look at Nancy Tinari’s sample video.

Image by Shutterstock
Introductory video by Moreno Perazzolo
Sample video by Nancy Tinari
Background of Nancy’s video by Hello I’m Nik 🇬🇧 on Unsplash

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