The photo depicts a large conference room full of rows of chairs in front of a flip chart, a projector, and a projection screen.

Meeting Space Needed

Editors BC must find a new event space to hold its branch meetings, starting in January 2019. We welcome ideas from anyone who knows of, or has, suitable meeting spaces. We have a few criteria for our ideal space: location, size and configuration, amenities, cost, and availability.


The new meeting space must be in Vancouver or Burnaby, be easy to get to on transit, and have reliable parking nearby.

Size and configuration

Most branch meetings start with an executive committee meeting, so we need a conference table that can seat 10 to 12 people comfortably. The room also needs to be able to seat 30 to 40 people in chairs in a theatre-style setup. A large room with an area for each setup is ideal.


The building and meeting space must be wheelchair accessible, with elevator access if the space is above or below the ground floor. Washrooms should also be conveniently located nearby.

We sometimes use visual presentation tools, so we need easy access to electrical outlets and either a projection screen or a blank pale wall.

We serve refreshments, so having access to a kitchen space would be ideal. Twice a year, we have a wine and cheese reception, for which we get an event liquor license.


$230 or less per meeting would meet our current budget.


We meet eight times a year: September to November and January to May. We do not meet in December, June, July, or August.

Our current schedule is the third Wednesday of the month, from 6 pm to 9 pm. We are willing to change this schedule and to change venues earlier than January 2019 to get the right space.

If you know of any suitable meeting spaces, or if you have such a space available, please email Dee Noble at as soon as possible. January is closer than it seems, and we’d like to get something booked before the summer sets in!

Image by Pixabay

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