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Editors BC Introduces New Members

We are very pleased to welcome Editors BC’s newest members and student affiliates, who joined us in the first half of 2017.

January 2017
Anastasia Ledwon
Anna McDonnell Dowling
Collette Brown
EA Guntly
Emay Ko
Judith Nylvek
Lydhia-Marie Bolduc-Gosselin
Margaret Coyle
Marianne Sprague
Tamara Korolnek
Whitney Sharp

February 2017
Alice Chang
Christine Krumrey
Karen LaPrairie
Martin Castro
Quinn Anderson
S. Charles Coderre
Tara Nykyforiak

March 2017
Amber Riaz
Ardell Broadbent
Brinda Navjee
Danièle Héon
Sarah Miles

April 2017
Anya Lee
Claire Mulligan
Patricia Halladay
Rafael Canoa
Sara Van Steinburg

May 2017
Blazej Szpakowicz
Caitlin Gordon-Walker
Chris Dickman
Emily Summer
Katie Beaton
Mackenzie Parker
Michelle Cornish
Sarah Mitenko

June 2017
Anna van Blankenstein
Bridget Greenwood
Emily Bragg
Laura Floyd
Megan Osmond-Jones
Melanie Jeffs

Image by Bigstock.

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