Join the Editors BC Executive Team!

We’re looking for an Editors BC member to take on the role of programs chair. The programs chair plans and hosts Editors BC’s general meetings (eight per year, from September to November and from January to May), with support from other executive members. Volunteering is a rewarding experience and a great way to get involved with Editors BC!

Here’s what past programs chair Frances Peck had to say about her experience in this role:

It’s an excellent low-pressure way to meet authors, publishing people, and other language professionals, especially valuable for anyone who doesn’t network easily. I also really liked having a direct say in the topics presented each month. Thinking up new and interesting subjects and presenters was a creative exercise that I truly enjoyed.

And here are a few comments from Iva Cheung, who served on the programs committee:

We made things easy for ourselves early on by creating templates for introductory and follow-up emails to speakers, meeting agendas, consent forms, and the like. We put in place a lot of this kind of infrastructure that we hoped would make the job easier for our successors.

The committee met over coffee at the end of each summer to brainstorm possible topics and speakers, and we never had a problem coming up with ideas—the Lower Mainland is brimming with talent and people doing and discovering interesting things.

If you think this volunteer opportunity might be right for you, please contact branch chair Marianne Grier at

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