Elections cheat sheet

FROM: Jessica Lowdon, public relations chair

As if you didn’t have enough politics to think about, it’s time to elect your 2013–2014 branch executive. Elections will take place at EAC-BC’s May 15, 2013, monthly meeting, the last before summer break. If you’ve ever considered volunteering for the organization, take a look at the opportunities below. And if you’ve never considered volunteering and never will, come anyway and have some wine!

To get involved, chat up someone on the current executive at the May 15, 2013, meeting or email the branch coordinator or chair of the committee that you’d like to join.

Elected positions

We will be electing the following executive positions:

Appointed positions

The following volunteer positions are also available. These are not executive positions and not subject to election. If you’re interested in getting involved—but not ready to commit to an executive position—volunteering for one of these positions or on one of these committees is a great way to gain experience.

Individual positions

Committee positions

  • Events Committee
  • Member Services Committee
  • Professional Development Committee
  • Programs Committee
  • Social Committee
  • Social Media Committee
  • West Coast Editor Committee


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