EAC-BC is on teh Interwebz

FROM: Jessica Lowdon, public relations chair

Want to hear about interesting literary and cultural events in BC? Want to keep up with professional-development opportunities from other organizations? Want your daily fix of amusing puns and other wordplay? You should be following @EditorsBC on Twitter, friending EAC-BC on Facebook, and perusing discussions in the EAC group on LinkedIn.

We will be streamlining our communications over the coming months, and the news and interest items from outside organizations that we once emailed to our membership will soon be available exclusively on our social-media sites and here on West Coast Editor.

So if you use Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn but are not taking advantage of EAC-BC offerings, now is the time to start. Branch and national news and events will continue to arrive in your inbox regularly.


P.S. Don’t fret, Gentle Reader—West Coast Editor staffers did not fall asleep while proofreading this page. “Teh Interwebz” is hacker speak (a.k.a. 1337 speak) for “the Internet.”

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