Changes to EAC-BC seminars: pricing and scheduling

FROM: Tina Robinson and Eva van Emden, professional development co-chairs

As we head into the fall, we’re looking forward to another season of great seminars. To start off, we’re offering another chance at two seminars that sold out last year: Advanced Proofreading in September 2012 and Stylistic + Structural = Substantive Editing in October 2012. We’re working on a schedule of seminars for the rest of the 2012–2013 year, which we will announce soon.

This year, we are making a couple of changes to the way we run seminars.

  • Seminars will be one hour longer, running from 9h00 to 16h00. Seminar participants and instructors told us that it was hard to fit the course material into our old schedule. Adding an hour will let the instructors teach a more complete course at a more relaxed pace.
  • The cost of seminar registration will go up $20 to $120/$140 for members and $180/$200 for non-members (early bird/regular). Fees for half-day seminars will be half the full-day fee. The earlier start means that the per-hour cost of attending is almost the same, but raising fees means that we can pay our presenters more and offer partial compensation for their travel costs. We also expect to attract a wider range of presenters. Our registration fees, which haven’t gone up since 2008, are still lower than other EAC seminars across Canada.

If you have questions or feedback about these changes, please contact us.

Tina and Eva


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